Homemade Rawtella and Carobtella

Rawtella and Carobtella, vegan chocolate spreads

I have often wondered why Nutella is so popular all over the world, this hazelnut-chocolate spread is so sweet and heavy,  absolutely not my taste. I always have liked only the organic version called “Samba”, but unfortunately, this one is not vegan and contains milk powder.

Few weeks ago I have read about Rawtella, a vegan raw chocolate hazelnut spread, but I didn’t order it yet(check this “recipe” out! :-D ). Then, one evening I got such a ravenous appetite for chocolate and didn’t have any at home, but of course many ingredients for making some. Somehow “Rawtella” came into my mind, and I decided to give it a try.

There are few recipes for homemade Rawtella, but all call for whole hazelnuts. Usually, you need a rather powerful food processor to make nut butter(or spread) out of whole nuts, it takes a long time with mine, and I’m always afraid, it could overheat. If you keep this in mind and furthermore compare the prices between whole, organic hazelnuts and good quality nut butter, you will realise, the difference isn’t that huge. For this reason I decided to use organic nut butter, and it was a great success!:-) Both chocolate spreads were incredibly delicious, creamy and rich, not too sweet,  but without white sugar, without dairy, only with healthy, organic ingredients. And very easy and quick to prepare! Just place a nut butter jar in a pot with warm water(it’s much easier to do all the mixing when the nut butter is warm and smooth), then add the ingredients – done.

I made a vegan, raw chocolate spread with hazelnut butter(“Rawtella”) and a carob spread with almond butter(“Carobtella”), this one is better for kids. Raw cacao can be rather strong(similar to coffee), I think it’s safer to use carob instead. You can make both spreads with a good quality fair trade cocoa powder,too( it doesn’t need to be “raw”). As sweetener I used organic maple and agave syrup, but of course other liquid sweeteners will work as well: yacon or rice syrup, dates or raisins(as syrup, soak in water first, and blend well) or even stevia for a sugar-free version.

In my opinion, it would be a “waste” to enjoy these spreads only with bread. They are fantastic as filling in vegan cookies or in raw chocolates, because the taste is similar to Gianduja or Ganache( I will post a basic recipe for raw chocolate soon). Just form small balls(Rawtella should be cold, out of the fridge) and dip in melted raw chocolate, as I did- delicious!

Homemade Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Spreads


3/4 jar organic hazelnut butter
2-3 huge tablespoons organic coconut oil
1/2 Vanilla pod, scraped out
5-6 tablespoons raw cacao powder
Pinch of Himalaya salt
3-5 tablespoons liquid sweetener (agave or maple syrup)


0,5 jar organic, dark almond butter
1-2 huge tablespoons organic coconut oil
1/2 Vanilla pod, scraped out
2-3 tablespoons organic maple syrup
4 tablespoons carob powder
Pinch of  Himalaya salt

The preparation is very easy: place the nutbutter jars  in a pot filled with warm water, heat till it’s slightly warm and smooth, add coconut oil, let it melt and mix well. Then add all the other ingredients: cocoa or carob powder, salt, vanilla and a sweetener, again mix well. Adjust the amount of the sweetener according to your taste, I don’t like it too sweet, to keep the spreads more spreadable, you could add 1 teaspoon of almond oil.

If you would like to use the spreads in pralines or chocolates, add 1-2 additional tablespoons coconut oil and eventually 1/2 teaspoon sunflower lecithin( I did).

If you prefer to make your own hazelnut or almond butter, here is a fantastic recipe : homemade almond butter (by Rawmazing, with step-by-step pictures).

Vegan Raw Chocolate Pralines with Rawtella and Carobtella inside(well, yes, I know, I need to improve my skills...)

Have a sweet, vegan Valentines Day! :-)

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  1. Meow. Sexy. Hab mich schon auf das Rezept gefreut, seit ich den post auf FB gesehen habe :D
    Ich find die klassische Nutella ja auch nicht so wirklich lecker, und das erscheint mir als eine super Alternative!


    avatar 2012.02.14

  2. *drool* Will das auch. Jetzt sofort!
    Wird auf jeden Fall – wie so vieles von deiner Seite- in den nächsten Wochen ausprobiert :3

    Alles Liebe,


    avatar 2012.02.14

  3. ich lieeeebe nutella (leider), aber in letzter zeit ist die sogar mir zu süß und fett. nussnougat-aroma finde ich einfach unwiderstehlich. Deins müsste ja im Grunde noch intensiver schmecken *überleg*, oder?


    avatar 2012.02.16

  4. Hast Du Dich hier von SAMBA Haselnuss von Rapunzel inspirieren lassen? Der hat ganz ähnliche Zutaten und mein absoluter Favorit, was Chocolate-Spread angeht. Oh, Chocoreale von Natudis ist auch noch sehr gut.
    Ich werde Dein Rezept kommende Woche ausprobieren :)


    avatar 2012.02.19

  5. Ein wenig schon, aber vor allem von dem originalen Rawtella. Samba ist schon sehr lecker, nur da knirscht immer so der Zucker zwischen den Zähnen… ;-)
    Wenn Du Samba magst, wirst Du dieses Zeug hier lieben- diese vegane Nutella ist noch viel, viel besser! :-)


    avatar 2012.02.23

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